I got mail

Good morning,

Sales were on, and yes I went online shopping. I’ve been a fan of Phsiiit.com ever since I discovered the nail blog. And surprise surprise I did some damage in the online shop.


I only bought 3 nail polishes.
One I had my eyes on for over a year; Darcy by Picture Polish. I LOVE LOVE the name of the polish (You guessed correctly. Huge Jane Austen fan over here.) And secondly I like the fact that it’s a black nail polish with a twist. The application of the polish was very smooth. Two coats and I was good to go. While wearing the polish I got quite a few compliments because the black colour with the glitter in it is so unique. It only chipped on me ever so lightly on day 3, so thumbs up for that as well.
The other polishes I bought were Butter London Wellies (a greenish yellow) and Bluey (a blue metallic colour). I haven’t worn the polishes yet. But I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a little by buying these particular ones. So I’ll have to report back once I’ve worn them.

The rest of my package was filled with stamping plates.

IMG_20150712_133624I bought 6 in total:

  • BundleMonster – 308
  • MoYou London – Festive collection 12
  • MoYou London – Artist collection 6
  • MoYou London – Explorer collection 5
  • MoYou London – Fairytale collection 10
  • MoYou London – Mother Nature collection 4

The only thing I was surprised by was the fact that the MoYou plates didn’t come in their usual beautiful cardboard packaging (as seen in my previous post). Just a plastic wrapper.
But for now I’ve bought enough stamping plates to please me, my friends and my guinea pigs I practice on. πŸ™‚

Thank you Pshiiit.com for the quick delivery and the amazing products you sell. πŸ™‚




31 DAY NAIL CHALLENGE: delicate print

Good evening,

Small confession. When I’m at work I just don’t feel professional or at ease wearing lavish or very colorful nail art on my nails. A lot of the mani’s I wear will last a weekend. Then on Sunday evening I’ll take them off again and paint my nails all over. Usually just one colour, sometimes with an accent nail.
That’s why this challenge is right up my alley! Delicate enough to wear to the office, feel at ease and enjoy my manicure for more than 2 days. πŸ™‚

IMG_20150530_133649 IMG_20150530_133811

For this manicure I used my favorite nude polish, OPI’s My very first Knockwurst. On top of that I used my SecheVite top coat and waited about ten minutes to make sure the base colour was completely dry.
Next I used part of my MoYou London Artist 11 palette to create this subtle design. Because of the delicacy of the print, the bright pink doesn’t pop too much. Just the right amount. πŸ˜‰

Hope you’ll like it as much as I do!

31 DAY NAIL CHALLENGE: floral nails and a trip to India

Good evening you all,

I’ve been MIA, but with good reason. Thank god! πŸ™‚

But first things first, the nails.
I’m at the floral theme in the 31 day nail challenge and wasn’t really in the mood for a very feminine, cute, rosy kind of nail art. No, I was feeling like I wanted something darker, more graphic. So I ended up using one of my MoYou London stamping plates. Man I freaking love those things!

IMG_20150628_174805I do have to mention that I completely forgot which polishes I used but I guess it’s safe to say that I used a mint base colour with black as an accent colour.

And now for the reason I’ve been out of touch for a week: I’ve entered the Rickshaw Run!!
Together with my sister and 2 friends I’m going to India. We will be racing from north to south, some 3500 km, in a rickshaw. This will only happen in august 2016, but we’ve already set up a Facebook page (Red Rickshaw Riders), website and we’ve had our first fund raising event this weekend.
Oh yes, I probably hadn’t mentioned that we’re doing this for charity. πŸ™‚ So all of that hard earned cash is going to a local Belgian charity, Samugam Belgium, and will be used to provide schooling for kids in India who grow up in the slums.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. What about you guys?



NAIL ART CHALLENGE: animal print

Good evening all,

Tonight I’m practicing my smile lines, creating perfect c-shapes and learning all about the viscosity of gel polishes. Because tomorrow is D-Day! I’ve got my final nail tech exam for this year.

You know that feeling when you’re supposed to study and suddenly everything else becomes highly fascinating and entertaining? Well, I’m at that point right now and decided to write a little blog post. This way I’m actually doing something productive with my time. πŸ™‚

Today I’m showing you guys my take on a leopard print. I decided not to go with a stamping nail art. That would be the “easy way out”. And believe me I was tempted. πŸ™‚ Instead I painted the print by hand using different nail polishes.

IMG_20150620_081637 IMG_20150620_081716

You will also notice that I was quite indecisive when it came to my base colour. In the end I just used both colours. What the hell, met’s be adventurous! πŸ™‚
The colours I used for this mani were:

  • Essie – Merino Cool (dark grey)
  • OPI – My very first Knockwurst (nude pink)
  • OPI – Race Red (red)
  • OPI – My pimped out Wonderland (black)

Good night everyone!



31 DAY NAIL CHALLENGE: polka dots and stripes

Hi everyone,

Let’s be honest. Today I’m cheating.
I’ve combined two nail art challenges into one. And frankly, I’m loving these nails and I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on them. πŸ™‚

IMG_20150606_124306 IMG_20150606_124412

For this nail art I started with Essie’s Blanc as a base. For the black stripes I used a nail art brush and some black acrylic paint I bought in a local store. With a dotting tool I added the light blue, green and orange dots to the branches. I did wait quite a while between each step to go in with the next colour. And to keep myself occupied while waiting for the nail polish to dry, I just watch some Netflix. I’m currently obsessed with House of Cards and Kevin Spacey!!

The pictures you see now, are my Β second attempt at this particular nail art. The first time I painted on red, green and blue dots on the branches and it looked as if I were celebrating Christmas already. It would have looked nice if it wasn’t 25 degrees outside and sunny. πŸ™‚

The inspiration for this design is to be found with Camille from Pshiit.com.Β It’s ridiculous how much I enjoy reading her blog and the inspiration it gives me to try different designs and colour combinations myself. Just a quick heads-up, her blog is written in French.

Hope you like them as much as a I did!